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        The year of Rooster has gone, and the year of Dog is coming. It is also a lucky year.  The annual celebration of BMC was held on February 09, 2018, the company leadership and all staffs come together.

       At the beginning of the annual celebration, each department supervisor and leadership did the annual summary report. They summarized the achievement and insufficiency in 2017 and made the plans and goals of 2018. After summary report, it is the awards ceremony, awarded department outstanding advanced individual and and outstanding advanced individual.

       After the award ceremony, it is the new year party of 2018. In the party, all staffs colleagues brought wonderful talent shows, such as sketch, songs, dances, talk and so on, to fully demonstrates the rich spiritual and cultural life of colleagues and the positive corporate culture atmosphere of BMC. What else, we have better interactive games of small teams, so that our colleagues can be more tacit and cooperate with each other in a happy atmosphere. During the annual celebration, it is lucky draw, every colleagues drew himself lucky prizes; and they also have the harvest the full happiness and affection.

       Looking back on 2017, we have solid steps and brilliant achievements; looking ahead to 2018, we have a firm goal and ambitious spirit. BMC all staffs will provide customers with more quality products and services in the new year, Win-win development!


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